Centrifuge decanters

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Centrifuge Decanters

Continuous separation

Nowadays, in practically every sector of industry there is a need to separa- te solids from liquids to a certain point of the production processes. quattro Separator meets this needs by applying the centrifugal force in s decanters.


“Solid particles suspended in a liquid tend to precipitate due to the gravity force”.

Working principle

The principle in which is based the operation of the decanter is the difference in density of the products to be separated, and as in a unconventional sedimentation tank, the solid particles, much more dense than the liquid particles, tend to settle due to the gravity force.


With the use of a centrifugal decanter this process is played within a cylindrical.conical drum, which given the high speed of rotation and multiplies the gravity force making this separation nearly instantaneous.

This force is then used to separate solids from liquids with an efficient method and high precision, in a way that is easy to control. Depending on the particular configuration, a centri- fugal decanter can be used to separate a wide range of solids other than one or two liquids, in a process of continuous separation.