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Aqua CMF

The Cloth Media Filtration Technology by Aqua Aura, the Aqua-CMF, is designed to remove Suspended Solids (SS). The filter is a polishing and tertiary treatment unit, it is an efficient technology, capable of coping with sudden and unexpected peaks of suspended solids;

ABG filters

The bag filter with stainless housing and internal bag for heavy duty applications.

ABK filters

The pre-filtration strainer with reusable stainless steel basket designed for long life.

ABR filters

The automatic self-cleaning filter with brushes for the prefiltration of surface and process water containing not-colloidals suspended solids.

AGT filters

The automatic self-cleaning filter for filtration of high flow rate with continuous filtration process.

AHC filters

The liquid-solid separator filter with High Efficiency and limited pressure loss.

AMB filters

The inline basket strainer designed for pre-filtration of pumps.

ASF filters

The simple manual screen filter with stainless steel housing: durable, economic and easy to maintain.

AVC filters

The automatic self-cleaning filter with high efficiency due to the continuous filtration process and the low cleaning water consumption.