Cloth Media Filtration

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Aqua CMF

Process overview
The Cloth Media Filtration Technology by Aqua Aura, the Aqua-CMF, is designed to remove Suspended Solids (SS). The filter is a polishing and tertiary treatment unit, it is an efficient technology, capable of coping with sudden and unexpected peaks of suspended solids; the filter maintains normal operation and discharge performance, unlike other conventional filtration systems. The Aqua-CMF is designed to automatically carry out a backwashing cycle
on a periodic basis or when the cloth media is clogged, triggered by a rise in the water level inside the filtration tank and detected by a high level switch. The Aqua-CMF maintains a normal filtration regime whilst carrying out a backwash cycle. The Aqua-CMF has an energy efficient system; no energy is consumed during filtration except during the backwash cycle. The drum rotates utilizing a small (less than 1 kW) motor and the back wash pump operates for a short duration to rejuvenate the media.
The backwash process is a suction type concept utilizing a backwashing pump through a series of backwash shoes lined up against the cloth, it consumes a significantly smaller amount of water to clean the media compared to other filtration processes. The backwash process is simple and requires no air blowers and backwash storage tanks. It consumes a fraction, approximately 0.5-2 %, of the total ow to achieve the backwashing operation.
The Aqua-CMF is used to remove organic substance, phosphorus, color removal and sediments by adding chemicals. It is a tertiary and polishing filtration unit for water reuse and river water applications.



  • Meets and exceeds Title 22 requirements at various influent turbidity levels and at hydraulic loading rates
  • Continuous high quality effluent despite high solids loadings and upset conditions
  • Compact design and configuration
  • No air scouring and no backwash tanks and pumps
  • Gravity filtration
  • Low hydraulic pro le
  • Low life-cycle cost



  • Polyester Fiber Bundles and Backing
  • Various Pore Sizes: Macro, Standard and Micro Ultra Cloth Media
  • Long life media: normally 5 years (depending on the backwashing frequency)
  • Minimal head loss across the filter
  • 24 Hours continuous filtration
  • Gravity filtration with no moving parts, except during backwash
  • Capital and operating savings
  • Stainless steel construction and parts
  • Removal of solids from the pile efficiently with minimal suction requirements
  • Automatic backwashing process
  • Higher backwashing efficiency from our optimized suction plate design
  • Significant reduction of water for backwashing (use of 0.5~2% of total ow)
  • Short backwashing time (Around 1 or 2 minutes required for backwashing)
  • Automatic backwashing process triggered by a level sensor controlled by a PLC xAvailable as a package in a stainless steel tank or a frame to install inside a concrete basin



The Aqua-CMF is a tertiary filtration unit specially designed to remove SS. It is a gravity fed system with continuous filtration to remove organic substance and phosphorus; most suitable for water reuse applications.

  • Suitable for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications:
  • Conventional activated sludge system
  • Extended activated sludge process
  • SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor)
  • Oxidation ditch system
  • Various BNR systems
  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Algae and other pollutants in water intake and suction structures from rivers and lakes
  • Cooling water and recycling water in steel works and power stations
  • Farming applications
  • Phosphorus removal
  • Discharge water from water puri cation plant
  • Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO)


Outstanding Capability

  • Excellent capability for suspended solids removal in tertiary treatment applications:
    • SS < 3-5 mg/L
    • SS removal rate: > 85%
  • High treatment flows are achieved due to the full submergence of the disks xFiltering is carried out from outside of filter cloth to the inside
  • Enhanced performance with a 13~15 mm thickness pile cloth
  • Maintain same discharge limits with unexpected surges of solids and hydraulic loads