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The  coarse screenis the first step which must be considered in a civil or industrial wastewater treatment plant.  The CRS model – coarse screen for channel  – is completewith multi rake bar screen.

This screening equipment is ableto intercept and to remove large sized solids that can damage and/or slow down the depurative processes and plant equipment, or obstruct the pipelines.

It is particularly important before the pumping stations to protect the electric pumps. The chain screen is specially designed for  coarse screenof sewage at the entrance of the plant.

The filtration level is defined depending on the type and amount of material expected and according to the scheme of the purification process adopted.

Thanks to the screen filter consists of the multi rake bar screen, this machine is able to block the suspended solids (larger than the screen space), lifting them out of the water flow by means of the cleaning combs and convey them to discharge, placed at the top of the machine. In the discharge area, a mechanical cleaning system, called counter cleaner comb, causes the fall of the material screened in a special collection box.