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The rough grilling and the first operation to be considere in a civil or industrial waste water treatment plant. It has the purpose of intercepting and eliminating high-strength solids that could damage and / or slow down purification processes and plant equipment or hinder pipelines. Particularly important is a lift of the lifting stations to protect the electric pumps. The Mod GSM GSM chain grille is specially designed for medium-to-fine grilling of slurries entering the plant. The degree of filtration is chose according to the type and quantity of the material expected and in accordance with the depurative process scheme adopted. Thanks to the perforated filtering filter, this machine can block suspended bodies (larger than light filtration), lift them out of the water stream thanks to the rotation of the catenary and convey it to the outlet, placed in the Top of the grid. Cleaning the carpet is guaranteed by both nozzles in the top of the machine and by brush systems that allow you to have a clean grid at each step of the horn