Polyelectrolyte system

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Tank divided in two or three sections, with propeller stirrers, all made of stainless steel AISI304 L or AISI316 L. The inner sections are communicating by means of labyrinth in order to ensure the correct dissolution, homogenization and storage of the polyelectrolyte.

The system is composed of

  • Hopper with hinged lid and safety guard in AISI304 L or AISI316 L, with capacities from 40 o 70 liters depending on model
  • Dosing screw operated by motovariator equipped with indicator of speed for the control of the scope
  • A group of control and adjustment water supply from 200 to 3000 Lt / h (min 2 bar) consists of a water filter, a pressure reducer with pressure gauge, a pressure switch, a flow regulator valve, a solenoid valve and a flow meter, all installed on the tank and connected to the general framework.
  • A control probe levels
  • A main control panel mounted on the machine